super cajon, bass cajon

The Cajon has become a standard component of most percussion arrangements. In this case, however, I wanted a cajon that would satisfy my specific needs. This is why I designed and built the SuperCajon with the following features.

  • Door Gasket-sealed door allows for storage and transport of the basic drums and accessories I use on most gigs.
  • Bongo Mount Internal bongo mount and cinch strap for secure transport.
  • Snare Internal snare can be turned on with recessed knob on side of cajon.
  • Mic Mount Recessed microphone mount below sound hole allows me to mic the cajon's resonance at the point of compression. The mount dispenses with the usual microphone stand. Additionally, it allows the microphone to remain perfectly positioned regardless of the movement of the cajon.
  • Drum Throne Cajon has a padded cushion and a high profile so that it can double as a drum throne for playing congas, bongos, etc.
  • Handle Flush-mount handle for transport
  • Construction 1/2" Oak plywood with rabetted purple heart edging and inlaid marquetry. Head is 1/8" plwood. Blum euro hinges. Marine latches. Rubber gaskets.
  • Ergonomic Design The head is angled at 12˚in order to make it easier to play.

    bass cajon
Danza Del Angel
with Bryan Spainhower
Accompanying Bix
Max Kelly
Max Kelly


bass cajon
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